Printing on Walls has Never Been Easier

Introducing the easiest way to make your walls look sensational. Check out this video on the WallPen® E1 to see how it works.

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Print Anything. Anywhere.

The WallPen® prints any design on indoor and outdoor walls in brilliant, durable and high-definition colors.Use your own exclusive designs to amaze your clients by placing your art as central eye-catchers in foyers, facades or waiting rooms. Our wall printing machine helps you to sprinkle some magic into homes, offices, corridors, hospitals, and practices – Wall’s the limit! Or rather: any vertical surface.

Whatever the texture of your surface might be, the Wallpen has it covered.  Decorate glass windows or turn a plain brick wall into a stunning and colorful mural – it’s as easy as the tap of a finger.

Perfect for painters, start-ups, interior designers, decorators, artists, graphic designers, advertising agencies, printing works or signmakers. Your logistics suddenly got a lot easier. Just drop our mobile wall printer into the car and impress your client with your instant availability. The WallPen® is designed for comfortable transport as well as endurance: Handcrafted in Germany, every single component of this wall printing machine is of the highest quality.

The included tablet and our patented software give you full control – for a satisfying result, each and every time.

Mobile printing device

Prints effortlessly on any vertical surface

Runs on 15 patented technologies developed in Germany

Easy setup with a single tool

Uses highly pigmented, durable, and eco-friendly UV ink

Fast printing

4 m (~13 ft) high, unlimited width

No restrictions on shape

Challenge The Ordinary

Brighten up any surface

Tired of paper, cheap looking stickers or paint drops on the floor? Plug your USB drive into the WallPen® and watch your art appear on plaster, wallpaper, wood, stone, plastic, tiles, glass, metal, concrete, and similar materials.

Turn it on, grab a coffee, or watch in awe: This wall printer is extremely quiet and clean. The WallPen® whizzes over walls at a speed of up to 4 square meters per hour. It paints your designs up to 4 meters in height – how wide? However long your wall is.

Touch ´n Go

Simple to use

Control the wall printer and its settings simply via the 10″ Android tablet including individual software, which is included with every order free of charge. Set up the wall printer, turn on the tablet and watch the magic. The mixture of technology, know-how and software makes our wall printer absolutely unique worldwide.

Your Brilliant Art Deserves

Spectacular Colors

A wall printer to make your creation pop: The WallPen® prints in high quality CMYK colors, at an effective resolution of up to 600 dpi. The brilliant ink is UV cured in milliseconds after printing, so you can touch or even wash it immediately. WallPen® ink isn’t just 100 % waterproof, it’s also resistant to most chemicals – even Aceton – and detergents, which is perfect for scrubbed environments such as schools and hospitals. Your design will be scratch-proof and UV resistant – guaranteed for up to 12 years. We believe high-quality should not be at the cost of the environment: our eco-friendly ink is produced regionally in Europe. Each of the CMYK colors are always in stock and we can instantly ship them anywhere in the world.

You need help with your wall design?

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Travel in Style

Comfortable Mobility

Our state-of-the-art wall printer packs a punch. Weighing in at 90 kg (~198 lbs), the WallPen® isn’t a lightweight. It sure is a knockout, however: In just a few minutes, you can quickly take the wall printer apart into 6 convenient elements and snugly slot them into their perfectly shaped padded bags. Hey presto!

Transporting and carrying the WallPen® is now an easy challenge. Simply drop it into your regular mid-class car and instantly impress your client. There’s no other wall printing machine like it.

Handcrafted in Germany

You should have the best wall printing experience possible – it’s why we made the WallPen®. Well-designed and high-quality components are so important to us, that if we couldn’t buy them, we invented them. We now have 15 registered international patents for the WallPen®, including a specially designed raster image processing software. Quality, reliability, precision – Want more German? Print a sausage!

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Why WallPen

Some more Advantages

Wall printer for you

Splash more color into your life. The WallPen® instantly turns any bland surface into a work of art – as if by magic. Let your imagination run free, and see it come alive in front of your eyes. Our wall printer will amaze you and your clients, whether it’s a coffee cup on the glass front of a restaurant or an underwater world in the waiting room.

Wall printer for fun

Handcrafted in Germany, this state-of-the-art wall printing machine delivers clean and quiet results. A single person can easily transport and assemble it, and the sleek interface of the mobile app ensures full control with a tap of a finger. Wall prints have never been so much fun.

Wall printer for art

WallPen® processes all typical image files and prints them on your wall in brilliant colors. UV curing instantly dries your design and makes it smudge-proof – No need to buy masking tape.

Wall printer for work

The WallPen® is an ideal tool for painters and decorators. Advertising agencies and start-ups can also benefit from the stunning marketing impact of this wall printing machine. Artists can scale their paintings to a new dimension and texture: Wood, glass, metal, tiles, stone… The possibilities are endless!

Wall printer for sale

Contact us now to discuss the delivery and price of this wall printing machine. The WallPen® is made in Germany, but you can buy it in many locations around the world! We’re happy to help you find the closest retailer and the best deal.